Year: 2024

Cartoons are small “philosophy teachers” able to speak to everyone through a simple emotional language, which allows you to identify and learn universally recognized values.

The book COMICS AND CARTOONS contains years of history of cartoons and comics that have accompanied us throughout our childhood to this day. Each article is named after the character it is joined to. In a very particular historical period, we decided to insert this humorous part, full of memories, colorful and able to always snatch an extra smile to adults and children.  The book is divided into 4 trends : “”SMASH!” , “BOOM!” ,”CRASH!” and “WOW!”.

Napped, natural, abrasive, greasy and vegetable-tanned items with others characterized by bright colors (fluorescent), laminated and varnished give a touch of magic to this new book of the season 2024.

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