We produce and sell chemical products.

Multikimica produces and markets a large quantity of chemical products for the tanning,textile and construction industries, from the tanning and retanning phase to finishing, up to the production of “after market” products.

research and development : green products

To satisfy customers, the company continues the search for products with a low solvent of content and free from certain substances. Multikimica Srl is positioned as a stakeholder and it is actor in the supply chain, having customers who have joined the ZDHC program.

Environmental sustainability is a fundamental point of business commitment and Multikimica srl continues the research process with its suppliers to develop products with low environmental impact and less dangerous for the health and safety aspect of workers (with the Life-cycle perspective).

The research and development of low environmental impact chemicals such as thinners or lacquers not only enters the ZDHC program but is also linked to the new provisions issued by the Tuscany Region as regards the emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) into the atmosphere.


As for tanning we have auxiliaries for liming, mineral tanning agents and surfactant degreasers, for retanning we have synthetic tanning agents, resin tanning agents and fatliquors; for finishing we have top wax pigments, polyurethanes, fillers, acrylics, varnishes, lacquers and water-repellents.

laboratory-quality control

The technologically advanced laboratory guarantees the conformity of the product according to the quality standards required by the market and verifies the chemical-physical performances on the leather in line with the provisions of the legislation in force.


As for the after market, we have sample colors, fixatives, lacquers and renewals for footwear and leather goods. Finally as regards the dyes we have wet dyes, dyes by hand and finishing dyes.

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