The way we work

The customer before everything

With a qualified and professional service, we offer an accurate and detailed pre-sales advice to direct the customer in optimal choices. Assistance for MULTIKIMICA means rapidity and completeness in reponse to customer requests.


There is no power without quality

The market is polarized, we move from very simple and inexpensive items to more complex and expensive ones without many middle ways. The challenge for us is to be able to give both the brands and the lower-end producers the optimal solutions for the respective target, proposing innovations from the point of view of fashion trends.

Our service

We specialize in the production and formulation of products for wet and finishing such as fillers, caseins, waxes, compounds, polyurethane fixatives, waxes, oils and fatliquors, and we develop recipes and solutions to make different items. In our company we also carry out some types of physical tests on the leather in order to better understand the resistance of the various finishes applied.

Wet department

The wet department consists of processing the leather from the hair to the crust using substances and products, including natural and synthetic tannins, chrome, aluminum and zirconium salts, oils and resins, for preparation in the finishing stage.

Finishing department

Finishing is the final step in the processing of leather, which is colored according to customer requirements and with various techniques, thus creating multiple peculiarities. Inside the laboratory we carry out spray finishing and with the coating machine. The main purpose is to improve the appearance and characteristics of the leather, making it bright and uniform, bright or opaque depending on the request and highlighting and enhancing all the natural beauty.

Maximum result with optimal solutions

The customer first of all

One of our most important points to consider is the ability to be able to satisfy any customer request through creativity, the advanced experience of our staff and also to be able to develop new proposals in advance to ensure that we can increase fashion and consequently also the market.