The company

Who we are

Our daily reality.

Multikimica s.r.l. is a company specialized in the production and trade of tannery chemicals. Driven by a spirit of renewal and solicited by an enterprising interest, it is a young and creative reality constantly searching for the latest news. Adopt the latest innovations in the chemical-technological field to anticipate the latest fashion trends while fully respecting the environment and safety.

Our history

Over 50 years of chemical and tanning experiences.

Multikimica has its roots in Santa Croce sull’Arno in 1999 with the name “3S” incorporating the knowledge of the company “Sommer spa” already present on the Tuscan leather market since 1956. With a qualified and professional service, Multikimica represents the fusion of over 50 years of chemical and tanning experiences.

What we do

Barrel and finishing products.


Multikimica guarantees the quality of the products and formulations according to the quality certification requirements. The tanning department experiments with innovative formulas, tanning and retanning processes based on market demands with low environmental impact.

The finishing department is the most creative phase of the company, where, in continuous contact with stylistic research, it applies every type of product on the skin to obtain fashionable finishes, anticipating trends.


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Why choose us

Quality and reliability are our strength.

Thanks to our experience over the years in Multikimica srl, in the leather sector of Santa Croce sull’Arno, we have succeeded in creating unique and particular objects for furnishing and daily life. We have often wondered what fashion and quality conscious people are looking for in an object made of leather: the answer is certainly elegance, style, uniqueness.
For this reason we have studied forms, played with materials, interpreted trends, to ensure that those we sell are particular objects designed according to the customer’s universe. The materials used to create the frames and accessories are precious and special: python, calf, race, crocodile, artfully worked or printed for the development of high fashion items, finished with care and craftsmanship. Quality and reliability are our strength.